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Monday, 21 Apr 2014
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About Us


The Golden Key to Cost Savings

Our mission:

“To meet the most pressing needs of service providers and manufacturers, by providing performance, management and system, solutions which are both practical and of high quality."

Value Solutions' ability to deliver starts with the 20+ years of hands on business and manufacturing experience of it's principal consultant. This includes 10+ years in successful senior management roles in automotive and non-automotive manufacturing, working in the disciplines of engineering, production, maintenance, quality and support services.  For more information, click this link to Barry Yungblut's Bio.

This experience is augmented by associates who have 80+ years experience in services, manufacturing, marketing, quality, business systems and Lean.

Our Values:

  • Trust - Partner and share responsibility and rewards in an honest way
  • Achievement - Stay focused and persevere until goal is met
  • Profit - Respect as a primary goal & necessary for the future
  • Knowledge - Providing a critical resource that fuels working smarter
  • Flexibility - Willing and able to tailor services to meet your specific needs
  • Resourcefulness - Always thinking about creative alternatives to ensure maximum return on investments