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Wednesday, 23 Apr 2014
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Program Development


From our perspective, what distinguishes Program Development from Planning and Project Management is the scope and starting point. Before a project can be created and managed, one needs to understand and create a well-defined need or purpose. Without this, both planning and activity can flourish but not necessarily in the right direction. Depending on the program, research or internal assessments can also be key to building a successful program.

Program Development with Value Solutions:

We are able to:

  • Assess needs
  • Build and lead a team
  • Develop plans
  • Establish standards
  • Train and implement to certification


We can take complete ownership or work in partnership with other resources to achieve identified goals. We have a wide range of experience in areas of:

  • Quality
  • Environmental
  • Management Systems
  • Maintenance
  • Software
  • Lean


Implementing customer driven systems or those identified by you, will help support growth of business to the next level. We can introduce specific expert knowledge and/or additional short term resources that are not otherwise currently available.


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